It has been almost a year since I last posted here.  I get so busy, doing what I don’t know what!  But busy none the less.  I have been traveling along with Jude Hill over at Spirit Cloth as she revisits “Sun Moon Stars” from long ago.  I haven’t started any new cloth tales on this journey but I did pull out my Winter Solstice Cloth from three years ago with the hope of making some new progress.


This morning I was catching up on Jude’s posts and I started doodling a couple constellation ideas.  Mind you I have never been gifted at transcribing my ideas to paper (I draw most pathetically) but I did want to capture them before I stepped away to the bus-i-ness of the day.


The idea of a personal constellation made me think of sigil making.  I might like to play with this notion a little more, thinking of star placement and connection.  This one may be a bit too complicated for the idea of a constellation, or not?  And then there is always the hand to consider?  A hand full of stars?

But for now it is off to the business of the day and then work on some more nui shibori to go into the indigo vat for holiday gifts.