I started this piece more than a year ago.  It has been rolled up and waiting for….. what I don’t know…  I pulled it out a few days ago and noticed I almost like the back more than the front.  The back has some wishes included that would be hidden in the finished “thing”…. some positive energy to follow it on it’s way. 


The quilt blocks on the face were rescued from the trash bin of the law office next door to where I used to work.  I carefully deconstructed it as best I could since it had been cut into for someone’s craft project.  The rest of the fabrics in the “thing” are repurposed from my thrift-store stash.  It is very soft and nice to touch and I find myself just pondering it and wondering.  I think initially I was inspired to make something of a “Long Cloth” ala  Jude Hill but at this point it flips like a book.  I hadn’t planned it that way, it is just where I left off.  So I’m not sure where I will go from here with the “thing”.  I guess for now I will just keep holding it and wondering.