I have been absent from my blog for quite some time, sorry to the three whole folks who follow me (I Love You Mom!)

This is the first spring in ages that I haven’t worked and I have spent a lot of time outside getting a feel for my surroundings.  Long walks checking out the things budding and blooming and leafing, trying to identify what grows here on my landbase.  As for things to dye with, spring seems to lend itself to lots of green and some flowers, but I don’t seem to be able to coax much out of them.  I think the end of summer and into fall will yield more color.  I did get some really nice leaf prints from some Buckeye that grows right across the street.  That was the most exciting thing I discovered this spring. 

It looks like we may be doing some home remodeling in the coming weeks (months?) so again my posts will be spotty…… however…. I will be taking a journey with Jude Hill of Spirit Cloth over the summer.  I’m following her on the “What If Diaries – Considering Weave” starting on the 21st of June.  Look for updates to come.